Social responsibility

In our vision, corporate social responsibility means acting in such a way that the basic needs of the current generation are met without compromising those of future generations.  We distinguish between 3 elements:


We limit the number of transport movements as far as possible. We strive to reduce non-essential packaging as much as possible and the packaging we do buy in must be recyclable as a minimum. We use recycled material where possible. Printing takes place in Enschede at an FSC-certified printing works. Our building is equipped with solar panels and led lighting and carries a B energy rating. The warehouse is heated by underfloor heating connected to a heat pump. The energy we generate with our solar panels covers our electricity consumption. We separate paper and plastic and process it in our own compactor, this contributes to keeping transport movements to a minimum. Waste is kept to a minimum. We implement energy-saving measures every year and report on them as per IPWM guidelines (which concern the obligation to report energy-saving measures in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act).


Our range consists of functional products that are produced responsibly both locally and abroad. Our suppliers in the Far East regularly undergo BSCI audits. Transport only takes place by sea freight or train. We keep procurement-related travel to a minimum and use regular suppliers.  






Working conditions

Our European suppliers are required to uphold our Code of Conduct and we naturally provide a safe working environment for our own employees. We are proud of our low level of absenteeism and very low staff turnover year after year. We strive to be a good employer where employees can develop themselves in a professional and enjoyable working environment.