Who are we?

The Peppermint Company specialises in peppermint, confectionery and chocolate in promotional packaging. We supply companies that trade in promotional products. 

All our products come in packaging that lends itself to the display of a logo or advertising message. We are a market leader in promotional sweets. 

The Peppermint Company has 58 employees.

The Peppermint Company is part of Promocorp. Promocorp consists of 5 companies, each of which specialises in its own promotional products.


What do we do?

As the name suggests, production of the "most delicious peppermint in the Netherlands" is one of the most important pillars of our company. This peppermint is produced in accordance with BRC certification.

We supply all kinds of sweets and chocolate in addition to peppermint. From glass jars of candy hearts to chocolate bars in your own wrappers. 

Most activities, such as printing, labelling, folding and sticking take place inhouse. This means we are flexible, offer short delivery times, and we limit the number of transport movements.

Packing is done partly by machine and partly by hand. For packing done by hand, we use people who experience barriers to the labour market. This group of employees receives professional coaching from us. As a result, we were one of the first companies to be awarded the WerkPakt quality mark in 2013.


We work in accordance with the HACCP system. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a food safety system. HACCP is governed by European law. In addition, we have all processes and production areas audited by Precon twice a year. 

Our peppermint is produced in accordance with the BRC standard. The BRC standard concerns various quality criteria in respect of food safety, production and environment, and goes a step further than HACCP. 

We are also inspected by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority annually.



Trade associations

The Peppermint Company belongs to trade organisations in the Netherlands (PPP), Belgium (BAPP) and Germany (GWW).