Meet our team!

Hi, I'm Amber! I have been part of the team at The Peppermint Company since April 2024. It is a close and driven team that is always ready for all customers. Before my time here, I worked as a salesperson in a home furnishing store, where my passion for commercial work began to grow. Now I can further develop that passion at TPC.

As a newcomer to The Peppermint Company, my duties are not yet fixed, I am still searching what exactly my tasks will be. At the moment I mainly focus on preparing quotations, processing orders and answering phone calls.

Besides work, I love playing tennis, where I can show my competitive side. And, of course, carnival. It's a time where I get active and creative with friends to build a beautiful float. It always brings a smile to your face!

With my diverse interests and positive attitude, I am ready to take on any challenge at The Peppermint Company and make my contribution to our joint success.

I am Esmeralda, and I have been working at The Peppermint Company since 2022. Before entering the world of promotional items, I worked in gastronomy and retail. Now I put my experience to use as an operations manager within The Peppermint Company. My days are filled with optimizing systems behind the scenes, supporting the sales team, improving processes in the warehouse and production. Preparing trade shows, coming up with newsletters and renewing the catalog is also partly in my package. In short, I have a cool and versatile job. The best part of my job? Working together with my colleagues, and making sure we deliver customers a beautiful and good product, whether they place small or mega orders.

Although I am more of the savory treats, the smell of the fresh peppermint, which goes into a tin with a nice print on it, always makes me happy. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, sailing, being creative like crocheting, and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Do you have any questions or want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact me. I am ready to help you!

My name is Esther. After several years of working with great pleasure at Buttonboss, when The Peppermint Company was taken over and came to Enschede, I seized my chance to make a transition to the candy business.

I am part of the furniture so to speak, and am the only part-timer on the sales team. I am there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What makes work so fun for me is being part of a fun team with a positive attitude. This allows us to complement and strengthen each other. A satisfied customer is very important to me and I will always do my best for that.

My name is Gijs and I am 24 years old. I have been living in Enschede for 2 years now, after I lived in The Hague for around 4 years where I attended the Horeca Academy. After several years working in the hospitality branche I was ready for something else, especially a normal rhythm haha!

Being commercial is really something that is in me, so I started looking for a job that would match this. Through Rob I ended up at The Peppermint Company and applied immediately. After a nice conversation I immediately went for it and since November I am working here. Every day I am in contact with customers to help them get the right items, and indicate what is or is not possible, the advantage, we have everything at our fingertips so can move quickly, almost nothing is impossible!!!

The obvious question is of course, what is your favorite candy? Well quite honestly I am not really into sweets, but what makes me very happy is a frosted colored tin white or black with an embossing with delicious fresh peppermint inside, why? If I were to receive this I would really think, wow this is special to me.

After work I like to go to the gym or play padel, but having a beer with friends at the weekend is also a great pleasure.

Hi, I am Jorieke 28 years old. I have been working at The Peppermint Company for almost 2 years now. Previously I always worked in the hospitality industry. I was fed up with the times in the hospitality industry and went looking for a new challenge and am still very much in my place!

Besides my work, I also have several hobbies. I have split it into a winter and summer hobby. In summer you often see me with a scuba tank on my back jumping into the water, of course I like to travel for this, but in the Netherlands you can also dive beautifully. In winter you can find me almost every night in the carnival shed. Here I passionately build our float!  Besides these hobbies, these days I can also be found in the gym. I also enjoy a festival with friends or a drink on the terrace.

My favorite is Pringles, because I don't really have a sweet tooth!

Hi, my name is Lisa. I’ve been working at The Peppermint Company in the sales department for 8 years now. After graduating as a commercial office assistant, I soon started working here and still enjoying it very much. We will never stop learning here because of the new products and new suppliers every year.

I grew up in the countryside and love being outside. When I’m not at work, you can mostly find me in the woods with our dog Barry.

My favorite snack? Everything with chocolate!

Bonjour, I'm Marcel. With more than 20 years of experience at The Peppermint Company, and more than 30 years in the industry, I am an old hand in the business. Before my time at The Peppermint Company, I spent more than 10 years at a corporate gift company. I started in Tiel, and then moved along to Enschede in 2008 after the takeover. This allowed me to witness the growth of our company up close. In my role as head of sales, I am involved in everything from major projects to sourcing and calculation. Actually, I am a bit involved in everything (read: interfering with everything), but that makes it interesting.

Outside work, my life is a mix of relaxation and activities, we are always busy. I have a weakness for all kinds of snacks and sweets, which makes staying on weight a constant struggle. Since 2020, I live in France and work from home, but I make the crossing to Enschede every month. Our old farm always keeps me busy, and in my spare time I like to browse French flea markets with my wife in search of hidden treasures. Life is always an adventure for me, and I am very curious to discover what else is out there!